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Here are some ways you can help your child be more successful in school:

  • Set a homework time everyday. Turn off the TV, music, and other distractions to allow your child quiet time to think and work.
  • Create a reading time and make sure your child reads for
    30 minutes each night. If your child is in PreK, Kindergarten,
    or beginning first grade, you can read aloud to your child
    and then ask your child some questions to see if he/she
    understood the story.
  • Play some math games. Use flash cards to practice math
    facts. Give your child math problems involving money, time, and
    measurement, as well as adding, subtracting, multiplying,
    and dividing. This will help your child be more comfortable
    with math.
  • Have your child participate in sports, dance, scouts, or
    some other group activity. This will help your child learn
    to work cooperatively with other children.